Saturday, October 9, 2010

A new favorite handbag pattern from

I have bought so many thrifted leather coats with intentions of making them into handbags.  And today I started my first one using this pattern from IndygoJunction.  I have made this pattern before for a commission in stone washed denim. I used an old pair of jeans to make the shell and some denim fabric for the lining.  Did you know stone washed denim is making a comeback?  Who'd a thought? 

Turned out really nice so I got the idea to use it for a leather bag.  A few adjustments will be a light ruching instead of the elastic and I want to add rings on the handles as well.  I have it all cut and the outer shell sewn but I need to buy the lining and make the handles?  Not sure about making the handles.  I may buy those as well.  

That is my current project.  Still working on the scrappy quilt little by little.  I am also looking for smaller leather projects to work on.  

I have started a new group on Facebook for all artisans and those who love us. 

I have nine members so far in the last three days!!  I'm excited.  I will be hosting projects, challenges, contests, events, and giveaways!! If you want to be inspired or if you want to see what others are making, please join!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

bears and quilts

My daughter Cindi was so hard to wake up this morning.  She is a trying child let me tell you...a bear!

Here is a new quilt I am working on.  I call this a scrap buster and I'm keeping this one.  Each rectangle has been cut and layed out to see how it will look.  This is only half the quilt.  I need to cut a lot more!!